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Killington Mountain Lodge, Vermont’s one-of-a-kind Killington hotel experience.

An authentic Vermont experience, giving you cozy comfort, easy service and stories worth sharing around the fire. Stay with us, stay adventurous.

At the Killington Mountain Lodge in Killington, Vermont, every day is an adventure. The views are spectacular and the chances to get outside and enjoy them are even better.

Experience a place where you wake up refreshed and stay up past your bedtime because you don’t want to miss a thing. When you walk into our lobby, you’ll be drawn to our freestanding fieldstone fireplace. Made entirely by hand, it’s the largest of its kind in New England. Whether to warm up or chill out, this is where our guests come to gather and connect with friends both new and old. Killington Mountain Lodge is working hard to make your stay with us even better. We are now offering nightly dinner service from December to March. Ask about our homemade pizza.

Our friendly, hassle-free service will make you feel right at home so when you come up our mountain, you may never want to go back down.

The newly renovated Killington Mountain Lodge is located in the scenic Green Mountains of the Appalachian Trail one mile from Killington Ski Resort and only minutes from its sister resort Pico Mountain. Biking and hiking trails are nearby, along with more than a dozen championship golf courses.

The quaint mountain towns of Rutland, Woodstock and magnificent Quechee Gorge are only a short drive away. Spend an afternoon wandering through museums, browsing for antiques or participating in a wine or cheese tasting. Then, enjoy an evening savoring your favorite craft beer at our numerous local breweries and eateries.

Ski The Beast! The lodge is a hop, skip and a jump from the Snowshed Lodge and lifts at the Killington Mountain Ski Resort, and our shuttle will get you there and back in no time. When the snow melts, the Killington Mountain Lodge overlooks Killington Resort’s 18-hole championship golf course, offering a game with cool mountain breezes and breathtaking vistas.

Killington Mountain offers fantastic outdoor recreation, shopping, dining and nightlife – all four seasons. From a summer paddle to fall leaves on some of Vermont’s best hiking trails, to a springtime picnic to the first winter’s snow, we’ll show you Vermont like you’ve never seen it before.  Check out our Killington Mountain Lodge Local Guide for ‘local in the know’ ideas for outdoor adventure.




Local Guide

Fall Foliage Killington VT Killington Mountain Lodge
Leaf it All Behind: Scenic Drives, Mountain Hikes + Farm Stops

We went off exploring to save you time and trouble, then jotted down the best of our adventures just for you. With each of the following routes, the idea is to take a scenic drive into town to walk around, then use the main road back when you get tired – or it gets dark.

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fall hiking killington vt
Falling Leaves Make Us Feel Quite Poetic

So you’ve come to Killington to experience fall at its finest. Since you can’t see it always, you need to see it all ways. Assuming you flew or drove here, you’ve already viewed the leaves by car or by air.

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hiking killington vt hiking killington vt killington mountain lodge
Take a Hike (Minutes Away)

Vermont is home to some of the most glorious natural scenery, available for your viewing pleasure four seasons of the year. One of the best ways to explore it is to get outside and blaze a trail.

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basin sports killington vt
Get the Boot (and More) at Basin

If it’s adventure you seek, you’ll need to stop at Basin first. Basin Sports opened 10 days before Killington Mountain. The Torreys, who bought the business in 1991, were the third family to own and operate it.

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ski school killington vt
You Have to Fall Before You Fly

If you've never skied before, Killington Mountain is an incredible place to start. After all ... who doesn't want to say they've skied 'The Beast'?

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vermont flannel woodstock vt
Don’t Forget Your Flannel

The Vermont Flannel Company hasn't changed its American made product since 1991. These flannels are hand cut and sewn right here in Vermont. Unlike most flannels you buy in other stores, Vermont Flannels don't shrink. (Which is good, because we're hibernating for the winter.)

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baird farm north chittenden vt
A Farm That’s All in the Family

The Green Mountains of Vermont are a very special place, rich with beauty and wonder, and the stories of the families who have worked the land to create pure Vermont products.

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killington boot camp killington vt
From Snow Boots to Boot Camp

Beth Roberts got started in fitness while living at the beach in California in her 20s. (Because, who doesn't want to look and feel their best while living at the beach?)

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little harry's rutland vt
Little Harry’s is Big on Flavor

A cozy dining room with cheerful servers, incredible food and lively conversation. A favorite among locals and visitors alike. Open since 1997, the large and varied menu, extensive wine list and friendly staff have won over guests time and again.

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Killington Mountain Lodge Killington VT Otter Creek Brewery
Brews at Their Peak at Otter Creek

Brewmaster Mike Gerhart has been infusing his particular brand of cool into handcrafted brews since "acid washed jeans were in." If you're too young (or too old) to remember this denim trend, that's circa 1991.

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pizza restaurants killington vt
A Mountain of Pizza

When you're on our mountain and you want a mountain of cheese and fresh toppings on a golden, hand-tossed crust ... allow us to share the best places for pie in the sky.

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birch ridge restaurant killington vt
Dining on the Ridge

For fine dining the way the locals do, Birch Ridge is the place to be. Self-defined as 'refined, not rustic,' you'll feel very much as if you're having supper in Grandma's formal dining room.

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upscale dining killington vt
Fancy a Fancy Dinner?

When you have a special occasion to celebrate, or just want to create memories over a memorable meal, here are our top picks for upscale dining in Killington.

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peppino's killington vt
Authentic Italian on the Mountain

Open 20-some years and going strong, Peppino's is the place to go for pasta on the mountain. This is Italian food at its finest. Don't be discouraged by the crowds ... it is worth the wait.

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the wobbly barn killington vt
When the Barn is A-Wobblin’, Come A-Knockin’

Steak, glorious steak. The Wobbly Barn is the steakhouse of your dreams

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moguls sports pub killington vt
Be a Mogul. Dine at at Moguls.

For those days - or nights - when you just don't feel like trekking out for lunch or dinner, we have a solution for you. Moguls Sports Pub is located directly across the street from Killington Mountain Lodge.

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Quechee Gorge VT
Quechee Gorge is Simply Gorgeous

About an hour's drive from Killington Mountain Lodge on Route 4, you can reach Vermont's own 'Little Grand Canyon,' Quechee Gorge. It's the state's deepest gorge, formed by glacial activity more than 13,000 years before your visit!

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vins nature center quechee vt
Vermont is Naturally Wonderful

Truly a hop and a skip from Quechee Gorge, you'll discover a natural wonder known as VINS - that stands for Vermont Institute of Natural Science. Explore the Gorge, then head to the nature center. It's easy to do both activities in one day.

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lake champlain chocolates burlington vt
Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Life on our mountain might be like a box of chocolates, but at Lake Champlain Chocolates, you know what you're going to get. And, in case you haven't put milk and cocoa together by now, that's some really good chocolate.

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middlebury vt
Take a Step Back in Time in Downtown Middlebury

Roaming the streets of Downtown Middlebury is like roaming into a living history. In fact, the village is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The buildings, although aging, are incredibly well maintained. They house a multitude of inviting local shops, book stores, restaurants, art galleries.

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Take Home a Shiny Piece of Vermont

If you're looking for a special souvenir to commemorate your visit, you're sure to find it at Danforth Pewter. The factory and associated store are located in Middlebury, but almost every little town we've visited near Killington Mountain Lodge has a Danforth store.

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on the rocs killington vt
Make Mine ‘On the Rocs’

If you're seeking the best drink menu on the mountain in an atmosphere that will transport you to a time when drinks like these were best consumed in secret, head to the modern-day speakeasy known as On the Rocs.

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phat italian killington vt
This Blog Will Make You Want a Sandwich

Although it may appear to be a gas station that serves deli, we like to think of Phat Italian as more of a deli that serves gas. Seriously, the fuel for your car is second to the food for your belly, which is so good you might accidentally forget to fill up the SUV.

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church street burlington vt Killington Mountain Lodge VT
Church Street is a Blessing in Burlington

Make a day out of your visit to Church Street Marketplace and Waterfront Park in Burlington. Although it's nearly 2 hours from Killington Mountain Lodge, the experience is well worth the drive.

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kayaking killington vt Killington Mountain Lounge
Places for Paddling

About a 30-minute drive from Killington Mountain Lodge, you'll find some of the flattest water around - perfect for fishing, hiking, paddle boarding and kayaking.

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rainy day activities killington vt rainy day activities killington vt Killington Mountain Lodge
What to Do on a Rainy Day

It rained today. And that got us thinking, 'Hey, it rains sometimes.' Don't let a little storm get you down. Luckily, we've got you covered (like an umbrella) ... so you can enjoy your vacation, even when the weather is far from enjoyable.

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woodstock vt Killington Mountain Lodge
Woodstock: Not the Music Festival (That Was NY)

Just to get things straight before we begin. The Woodstock you'll discover on this screen is not the Woodstock of hippie folklore, where girls in flower crowns kissed boys in bell bottoms to the Greatest Hits of the 60s.

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lookout tavern killington vt killington mountain lodge
Look Out For This Top Tavern

When Phillip and Joy Black were in high school together, we wonder if they dreamed they'd own one of the coolest hangout spots in Killington. After working for 10 years in the service industry and getting to know the ski town clientele, the couple opened the Lookout Tavern in 2000, at the former site of Killington's oldest ski lodge.

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pickle barrel killington vt killington Mountain Lodge
Have a Barrel of Fun at This Local Hotspot

This three-floor nightclub has been the place to see and be seen, to hear and be heard since the 1960s.

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vermont adventure tours killington vt killington muntain lodge
Choose Your Own Adventure

Steve Lulek says the story of his guide business Vermont Adventure Tours is a classic one – but with a few twists and turns that make it uniquely his.

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chef hilary adams killington vt killington mountain lodge vermont
From Farm to Table (and Back Again)

Hilary Adams was born in Vermont to a farmer of a father and a mother who could not cook. Dad was the eleventh generation to farm the family land. He came from deep community roots. When there was a potluck dinner, no one had to ask what anyone would bring. Everyone had their special dish.

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Sunup Bakery Killington VT breakfast in killington vt
Easy Access Breakfast Spots

When the sun comes up, head to this local bakery. The front door is propped open. The screen door creaks. When you walk into Sunup Bakery, it feels like coming home. And that’s just how owner Laura McKenna wants it.

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echo burlington vt Killington Mountain Lodge VT
The Fun Echoes Loudly at this Aquarium and Science Center

Just outside of Killington, there’s a beautiful town called Burlington, where you’ll find a picturesque lake that isn’t just pretty – it’s also home to some of the world’s oldest coral reefs, as well as hundreds of species of fish and plants.

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hop n moose rutland vt
One Hoppin’ Brewery

Located in the center of downtown Rutland, VT – just a 'hop' (and a skip) from the Killington Mountain Lodge – this large, casual bar and restaurant offers its own beers on tap, as well as bottled brews, wine and liquor.

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vermontology guided tours killington vt killington mountain lodge
Vermontology is a State of Mind

Natalia Ferens-Hommel is originally from Europe. After living and working in many different countries and states, she settled in Vermont, where she now runs day tours and brewery tours through her business, Vermontology Guided Tours.

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Peak Lodge Killington VT Killington Mountain Lodge
Food and Views at Their Peak

All views are not created equal. Let’s start by saying when you visit the Peak Lodge, you have a view of five U.S. States, as well as Canada and three mountain ranges.

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Skye Coaster Killington VT summer activities killington vt Killington Mountain Lodge
Summertime on the Mountain

If you think our mountain is only made for winter, you might need more than ski lessons. Read on to discover all the many reasons you should visit us in the warmer months.

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sugar and spice killington vt
Sugar and Spice: Home of Everything Nice

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop where you can eat great food, experience local charm and buy authentic maple syrup to take home, Sugar and Spice is a must-do on your Killington list.

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mcgrath's irish pub killington vt
An Irish Pub? I’ll Drink to That!

If you've never had the pleasure of visiting a true Irish pub - you know, like, IN IRELAND - pop into McGrath's Irish Pub in Killington Vermont during your stay, and you'll feel like you have.

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liquid art killington vt
Where Beverages Are a Thing of Beauty

Where "everything served is art." Just ask Beth Weinberg Sarandrea, who, along with husband Jimi, opened the specialty coffee and cocktail restaurant and gallery in the winter of 2010.

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billings farm and museum woodstock vt
Milk Your Vacation at Billings Farm and Museum

Back in the day, as they say, Vermont was home to some of the most fertile farmland in the country. If you want to hear about it until the cows come home, we’ve got the place for you.

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ben & jerry's burlington vt
From Ice to Ice Cream

When in Vermont, do as the Vermonters do. You may have come to the North in search of ice, but while you’re here, may we humbly suggest you try the ice cream.

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downtown rutland vt
Let Downtown Rutland Entertain You

With a tagline like “Shop. Eat. Be Entertained,” you can pretty much guess what you’re in for when you make the short drive to Downtown Rutland, VT.

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jax food and games killington vt
They Call it ‘Food & Games’ For a Reason

If you’re the type that needs a bit more excitement than just a plate of food set down in front of you, then you probably need to head to JAX Food & Games in Killington, VT. Open daily at 3 p.m., the seating gets pretty tight at dinnertime, but the real fun starts after dinner anyway.

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the garlic killington vt
Those Who Have Good Taste Eat at The Garlic

Any restaurant named after the pungent little pod that flavors any savory dish worth its salt – we figure that place must be good. The Garlic Vermont in Killington, VT does not disappoint.

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simon pearce mill restaurant quechee vt
Five Thousand Pounds of Hot Glass

That’s right. 5,000 pounds of hot glass. 2,100 degrees. ONE COOL SPOT. Welcome to Simon Pearce Mill and Restaurant, where we met Claire and Nate.

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