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ski school killington vt

Ski School Killington VT

If you’ve never skied before, Killington Mountain is an incredible place to start.

After all … who doesn’t want to say they’ve skied ‘The Beast’?

Don’t let the mountain’s moniker intimidate you. With a few lessons from Killington’s Snow Sports Programs, you’ll be up and gliding in no time.

The teachers here are phenomenal. Our instructor, Steve, is not only a patient and knowledgeable teacher, he’s also a majestic skier in his own right. It almost looks as if he’s floating on the snow.

Killington offers classes for all levels, from the beginning-est of beginners (where you learn the equipment and the basics) to advanced (where you learn how to tackle the mountain better than last year).

You can choose private lessons, but opting for a group lesson allows you to meet others who need to learn the same things you do. It’s fun to support each other through your training, then congratulate each other at the end of your victory lap.

After learning how to put on our skis, climb uphill and – perhaps most importantly – stop, we took the learning lift to get started. Our instructors were so encouraging, watching us tackle the bunny slopes before moving on to a more advanced hill and ultimately ‘graduating.’

Some tips to remember:

  • Lean slightly forward. You want to feel your body right on top of your boots in the middle of your skis.
  • When you pick up speed, lean forward and push through the wind resistance. You’ll feel like you’re flying! Embrace it.
  • Keep the tips of your poles behind you, and keep your hands where you can see them. (In your peripheral vision is the goal.)
  • ALWAYS keep your eyes looking forward. In the beginning, you’ll tend to look at your skis, but when you’re on the mountain, you need to make sure you don’t run into anyone, and that no one is about to run into you!
  • Once you find your favorite run, do it a few times. You’ll enjoy knowing the route, and you’ll get more comfortable going faster and sharpening your skills.
  • Snow plowing (putting your skis in the shape of a slice of pizza) is an easy way to stop and stay in control as you are learning to ski, but you’ll look – and feel – cooler when you learn to turn your skis perpendicular to the slope, with your weight on your downhill ski.
  • Speaking of looking cool, when you’re resting with your skis on (or waiting for your friends to get down the hill because you’re so much faster than them), stick your ski poles on the tip of your boot and the handles under your arms and lean forward. If you do this while you’re waiting around, people will think you’re a pro.

Lessons meet daily from November to early April. Grouped according to ability level and individual goals, instructors will help you navigate the mountain and develop skills to take your love for skiing to the next level.

Morning lessons meet at 9:30 and end at 11:45 a.m. Afternoon lessons meet at 12:45 and end at 3 p.m. Lessons begin slopeside at Snowshed Base Area. Reservations are recommended, but not required.

Rates include lesson only; lift tickets and equipment rentals are not included.

Start small or go big, with personalized instruction in a fun learning environment.

Going back to school never felt so good.