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Summertime Activities

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Summertime Activities in Killington, VT

If you think our mountain is only made for winter, you might need more than ski lessons. Read on to discover all the many reasons you should visit us in the warmer months.

(But, of course, come back for the snow, too.)

When you hit Killington in summer, it’s as if you’re walking into the X Games. There’s that much activity and excitement happening all around you. It’s sort of like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story, depending on what you like to do. Everywhere you look there’s another activity, and they all crisscross down the mountain via trails. This is a place where kids can be kids, and adults can embrace their inner child.

The Skye Ride is a two-seat ride, where chairs are together and hooked to a cable. Riders are pulled up the mountain backward, then hurled forward toward their starting point.

Terra Maze, Mining Brook and the Ropes Course are all centrally located. Bags of “dirt” can be purchased at the ticket center, then taken to the Mining Brook, where your mini-miners can excavate to find hidden treasures. The Terra Maze is directly beneath the Ropes Course. Explorers can make their way through several different routes in the maze, as rope walkers climb and wind above them. There are four different levels, or stories, of the ropes course, which becomes more difficult the higher you climb. All participants are harnessed, so it is appropriate (and safe) for all ages.

Right next to all of this, you’ll view a portion of the Mountain Bike Trails. Riders can choose to go up on the ski lift, sending their bikes ahead of them, or they can walk up the side of the course.

Directly across from this area and intersecting with another portion of the bike trails is the Skye Coaster, where riders are transported in individual cars about halfway up the mountain. From here, they twist and turn back down through a series of dips and zigzags. Each car is outfitted with its own set of brakes, so drivers have control of their speed. This is hugely fun – expect smiles and giggles from your crew. Most people are immediately ready to go again as soon as they exit!

Meanwhile, you can look over and see Segway and ATV Tours taking off, with both guided and unguided options available.

Venture over to the K1 Gondola for a leisurely, scenic ride up the mountain. As you ascend, you can see hikers, mountain bikers, disc golfers and tour-takers all in motion. The view from the top is astounding.

Looking for the newest and most exciting activities on the mountain? Jordan, the marketing manager, had some exciting insight on the newest 2017 additions to the Adventure Center.

“We are pleased to announce that there will be low impact paintball, laser tag, and flyboarding on the summer list of activities at the Adventure Center,” he says. “We have also set up a full bocce court and a playground for the kids.”

For lunch, hit the Peak Lodge, for a cafeteria-style selection of deli, grilled items and salads. There’s a full bar, as well as indoor and outdoor seating options. Here, it’s all about the view. There’s a great catwalk around the top, for scenic vistas and ample photo opportunities.

Take the gondola back down the mountain, and wander over to the Umbrella Bar, a popular après ski spot. From the large deck, they offer beverages and light fare including house specialties from the grill, along with sides such as sesame noodles and fresh fruit kebabs. There’s live music on the weekends.

Next, head back over to Snowshed for the “Cooler in the Mountain” Concert Series. Sponsored by Killington Resort and Long Trail Brewery, this free music event takes place rain or shine every Saturday afternoon on the mountain green during the summer season. Bring a chair or blanket, snacks and a cooler – and even your pets to kick back, relax and enjoy an awesome opening act and headliner, for around two hours of no-cost entertainment in a gorgeous setting. The series runs through September, and acts vary.

Also offered on select dates through September is a Sunset Supper at Peak Lodge. Take the gondola up to a special dinner with fabulous views.

With so much to see and do, summer on the mountain just got hotter. (But winter’s pretty cool, too.)

You’re welcome … any time.