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True North Testimonial: Vince Schrader

true north yoga killington vt

True North Yoga Killington VT

Killington Mountain Lodge is proud to partner with True North to offer total wellness adventure retreats right here at our hotel.

The gorgeous Green Mountains are the perfect place to unwind and find yourself – while True North founder Liz Patnode takes care of your mind, body and spirit.

Vince Schrader, a tax and financial analyst on mutual funds from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was the winner of our July 2016 True North Retreat.

At home, Vince leads a healthy and active lifestyle – which includes eating clean foods and drinking green juice. He practices Bikram Yoga, martial arts, does weight training and physical culture movements.

“I would consider myself adventurous, open-minded, spontaneous and curious to trying new things,” Vince tells us. “In addition, I enjoy art, cooking, dining out, movies, music, opera and symphony, to name a few things.”

(We like this guy already.)

Vince chose to enter to win a True North Yoga Retreat because, to him, it sounded like a dream vacation – an inspiring combination of locale, activities and cuisine. He had been interested in attending the retreat in Vermont for some time, but was never able to fit it into his busy schedule.

Much to his surprise, he was selected as the winner of our July contest.

“I’ve always wanted to visit Vermont as it appeared very beautiful and tranquil. I also enjoy any opportunity to meet and interact with new people who share my love of yoga, food and being active,” Vince says.

Both his job and many of his favorite activities are done indoors. Therefore, having the opportunity to practice yoga, hike, paddleboard, meet new people and enjoy the Green Mountains of Vermont while eating live, organic and local food prepared by Liz was appealing on many levels.

He saw our contest online and decided to enter, never imagining he would actually win.

Heading to Vermont, his expectations were very high, and Vince happily reports True North surpassed them all.

“The Killington Mountain Lodge staff were very friendly and extremely accommodating. The people who volunteered their time and assisted with the preparation and clean-up of our meals, taught yoga and meditation, led hikes and paddleboarding were all amazing,” he says.

In addition to recognizing Carina, Charles, Erin, Heidi, Holly, John and Judit by name, Vince says none of this would be possible without Liz, whom he calls a remarkable host, chef, teacher and person – who has created something truly special with her True North Yoga Retreat.

“Liz is genuinely passionate about the retreats and ensuring everyone is enjoying themselves to the fullest and getting the most out of the retreat … she always has a smile on her face and you can’t help but smile in return,” Vince says.

He learned so much on the retreat – from how to prepare live foods to standing up on a paddleboard, exploring the hiking trails to soaking up the local culture.

Yet most notably, Vince says, he learned a little about each person here, whether they were attending as a guest or as part of the True North team who made the retreat such a success.

“I feel my life has been truly enriched by the experience and people I met at the retreat,” Vince says. “What I will take away are the friendships and connections I made, my continued love and passion for yoga and amazing food, my renewed love of and connection to nature … and newfound fondness of Vermont, and Killington in particular.”

We can’t wait to welcome you back, Vince.

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