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New Life Hiking Spa

New Life Hiking Spa: an All-Inclusive Wellness Retreat

Founded in 1978, New Life Hiking Spa is America’s Original Wellness Retreat and operates each mid-May through early fall from the Killington Mountain Lodge.

New Life Hiking Spa, the All-Inclusive Wellness Retreat of the Year in New England, is one of the oldest and most successful destination spas in the United States. It was voted one of the Five Spa Properties Paving the Way to Guests’ Health by Day Spa Magazine and as well as listed #1 in Top 100 Spas of 2018 by American Spa in January 2019 issue.

But New Life Hiking Spa is unlike any spa you may have visited. In 1978, Jimmy LeSage had the vision to start an intense yoga retreat that was focused on wellness. Hence, New Life Hiking Spa was born.

At New Life Hiking Spa, visitors can expect a life-changing experience. Opening in May and closing in September, the New Life Hiking Spa experience is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the warmer weather in Vermont.

The theme of getting back to nature carries over into New Life Hiking Spa’s food philosophy. New Life advocates a respect for the nutritional value of whole food, as well as its origin, seasonality, availability, and freshness. Three meals a day are prepared fresh, on site, and created by a team of talented chefs who specialize in whole foods..

There are several options to choose from to fit your budget and time.

3-10 Night Jumpstart Getaway: A 3-10 night Jumpstart Getaway allows you to lose weight, de-stress, and get stronger while learning new techniques to continue with a healthy lifestyle.

11 Night or Longer Weight Loss Retreat: A Weight Loss Retreat of 11 nights or longer empowers you to make realistic solid changes in your eating habits and lifestyle. Our extended program provides a safe comfortable environment where you can realize your permanent weight loss goals.

21 Night Extended Wellness Getaway: The 21-night Extended Stay Wellness Retreat was created due to popular demand for those guests who are able to fit an extended wellness vacation in their schedule.

Start your road to a healthier, better life with New Life Hiking Spa at Killington Mountain Lodge.

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